11 September 2018

Dear devotees and friends,

At Leong Hwa Monastery, our goals remain steadfast to embrace and propagate the Buddha’s Teachings. Most significantly, we must continue to practise His Teachings, cultivate the right attitude and practise compassion to lead a noble life.

This year, we have completed two series of Dharma talks, namely, ‘The Discourse on the Eight Realisations of the Great Beings’ and ‘Understanding the First two Paramitas, giving (Dana) and upholding precepts (Sila)’.

Our third series will be on 佛說十八泥犁經 Naraka - The Eighteen Levels of Hells and will be conducted by Venerable Sek Meow. The 8-weekly sessions will commence on Sunday, 16 September 2018, 1.00 pm to 3 pm at our Main hall. Thereafter, you are welcome to join us in the evening service, led by Venerable Gu Ru.

We warmly welcome to join us in this Dharma talk. It covers the suffering in the destiny of hells, which is the worst place of suffering for sentient beings. Hence, we should not perform evil deeds.

May the Merits of the Triple Gem be always with you!

With Metta,

Venerable Sek Meow Ee


Leong Hwa Monastery


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